Mini Chiefs Cheerleaders!!

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The Mini Chiefs cheerleaders are a K-6th grade cheerleading team put together by the 7-12th grade team. They've been established to raise school spirit, promote community, and K-12th involvement. The mini cheerleaders have had a few roles this year; they cheered alongside the high school in the Homecoming 2022 pep rally, older members cheered on Middle School football the game before their championship, and they also participated in the pep rally for Middle School Football. 

The Mini chiefs have even more plans for basketball season.
Mini Chiefs Cheerleaders: 
1.    Camryn Doyle 
2.    Celeste Featherman 
3.    Mya High Horse 
4.    Aliyah Huapapi 
5.    Tatelyn Red Blanket 
6.    Hayvan Rogers 
7.    Zalena Waters 
8.    Kaleb High Horse 
9.    Asasyela Amy Meyers 
10.   Madisyn Pretends Eagle 
11.   Janisiya Richards 
12.   Antonia Romero 
13.   Savannah Rosebud
14.   Johana Sitting Up  
15.   Khloe Iron Horse  
16.   Heaven High Horse  
17.   Wambli Red Elk  
18.   Tailey Rogers  
19.   Makaili Blue Legs  
20.   Hailey Ashley  
21.   Layla Bisonette  
22.   Melissa Conroy  
23.   Rayden Dull Knife  
24.   Tyrese Dull Knife  
25.   Harley Janis  
26.   Dawn Mack  
27.   Amaya Two Bulls  
28.   Clarissa Doyle 
29.   Casey Bettelyoun
30.   Arthureen Conroy  
31.   Kassidy Randall  
32.   Mikah Herman 
33.   Lakota Moran 
34.   Hailey Ashley 
35.   Cienna Bettelyoun
High School Football Cheerleaders:

1. Acelyn Conroy
2. Stevoni Sitting Up
3. Halley White Feather
4. Laila Clairmont
5. Erica Clairmont
6. Marissa Gay